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Antique & Classic Car/Truck Radiator Restoration

Radiator Restoration

At Radiatorland, we have been rebuilding radiators for the last 25 years!  Did you know that there are 12 different types of honeycomb radiators?  We can build your radiator and get you an authentic radiator restoration for your classic automobile.  We are capable of reproducing your specialty radiator. Just send us the original radiator, if possible, a diagram, templates, or anything else you may have, along with what you wish us to do.  We will Restore, Rebuild, or Re-create that classic radiator.

Radiator restorations generally involve the following steps.

  • An estimate of the restoration time is made and a deposit is provided.
  • We determine all dimensions and dismantle the old radiator and all parts and surfaces are cleaned and examined for stress cracks and damage.
  • Parts are inspected and fabricated as needed.
  • Core is constructed and installed.
  • The radiator is pressure checked to identify and prevent leaks or failure.
  • Side mount brackets are checked for proper shell fit.
  • Radiator is painted.
  • We package the radiator in a container suitable for shipment anywhere in the world. 
  • Our standard two-year warranty against solder joint leakage, as well as our two-year warranty on the materials and workmanship used in the construction of the new core still applies.

Total restoration time is calculated and billing is completed based upon time and materials.

Radiators for Classic Cars, Trucks, & Custom Street Rods.

  • Ford Radiators
  • Chevy Radiators
  • Dodge Radiators
  • Buick Radiators
  • Chrysler Radiator
  • Mercury Radiators
  • Packard Radiators
  • Plymouth Radiators
  • Woodies Radiators
  • T Bucket Radiators
  • Oldsmobile Radiators
  • Willy's Street Rod Radiators

If your radiator is not listed, call us and we will custom fabricate one. Contact us for more details.


List of Antique & Classic Car Radiators

Abbott Radiators

Dodge Radiators

Metropolitan Radiator

Adette Radiators

Dodge Truck Radiators

Metz Radiators

Adler Radiators

Dorris Radiators

MG Radiators

Adria Radiators

Du Pont Radiators

Minerva Radiators

Aerocar Radiators

Duesenberg Radiators

Mitchell Radiators

Ahrens-Fox Radiators

Edsel Radiators

Moon Radiators

Ajax Radiators

Elgin Radiators

Morgan Radiators

Alfa-Romeo Radiators

EMF Radiators

Morris Radiators

All American Radiators

Excelsior Radiators

N.A.G. Radiators

Allis Chalmers Radiators

Falcon Knight

National Radiators

Alvis Radiators

Farman Radiators

Nash Radiators

AM General Radiators

Ferrari Radiators


Amilcar Radiators

Fiat Radiators

Oakland Radiators

American Radiators

FM Radiators

Oldsmobile Radiators

Armstrong-Siddeley Radiators

Ford Radiators

Osceola Radiators 

Aston Martin Radiators

Franklin Radiators

Overland Radiators

Auburn Radiators

Frazer Radiators

Owen Radiators

Audi Radiators

Frazer-Nash Radiators

Packard Radiators

Austin  Radiators

Galion Radiators

Paige Radiators

Austin-Healey Radiators

Gardner-Denver Radiators

Pathfinder Radiators

Austro-Daimier Radiators

Garford Radiators

Peerless Radiators

Badger Radiators

General Electric Radiators

Peugeot Radiators

Baker Radiators

General Radiators

Pierce-Arrow Radiators

Ballot Radiators

Gerlinger Radiators

Plymouth Radiators

Bantam Radiators

Goliath Radiators

Pontiac Radiators

Barber-Green Radiators

Gradall Radiators

Pope-Hartford Radiators

Belmont  Radiators

Graham-Paige Radiators

Railton Fairmile Radiators

Benham Radiators

Greensburg Locomotive

Rambler Radiators

Bentley Radiators

Grove Radiators

Raymond Mays Radiators

Benz Radiators

Hahn Radiators

Reo Radiators

Blackhawk Radiators

Hercules Radiators

Revere Radiators

Blaw-Knox Radiators

Highway Radiators

Riley Radiators

Bombardier Radiators

Hillman Radiators

Roamer Radiators

Borgward Radiators

Hispano Suiza Radiators

Rochet Schneider Radiators

Brewster Radiators

Hobart Radiators

Rohr Radiators

Bricklin Radiators

Holman Radiators

Rolls Royce Radiators

Brockway Radiators

Horch Radiators

Rors Radiators

Bros Radiators 

Hotchikiss Radiator

Rover Radiators

Brough Radiators

Huber Radiators

Ruxton Radiators

Brush Radiators

Huber-Warco Radiators

Schacht Radiators

Bucciall Radiators

Hudson Radiators

Scripps Booth Radiators

Bucyrus Erie Radiators

Humber Radiators

Seachmont Radiators

Bugatti Radiators

Imperial Radiators

S.S. Jaguar Radiators

Buick Radiators

Insley Radiators

Shay Radiators

Butler Radiators

International Truck Radiators

Shelby Radiators

Byers Radiators

Invicta Radiators

Simca Radiators

Cadillac Radiators

Isotta-Frashini Radiators

Singer Radiators

Chalmers-Detroit Radiators

Itala Radiators

Skoda Radiators

Checker Cab  Radiators

Jaeger Radiators

Squire Radiators

Yellow Coach Radiators

Jaguar Radiators

Standard Radiators

Chenard- Radiators

Jensen-Healey Radiators

Stanley Steamer Radiators

Chevrolet Radiators

John Bean Radiators

Stearns-Knight Radiators

Chrysler Radiators

Jordan Radiators

Steven-Duryea Radiators

Citroen Radiators

Julian Radiators

Steyr Radiators

Cleveland Radiators 

Kaiser Radiators

Stoddard-Dayton Radiators

Climax Radiators

Kaiser-Darrin Radiators

Studebaker Radiators

Cockshutt Radiators

Kenworth Radiators

Stutz Radiators

Cole Radiators

Kissel Radiators

Sun Beam-Talbot Radiators

Coleman Radiators

Koehring Radiators

Sunbeam Radiators

Consolidated Radiators

Lagonda Radiators

Talbot Radiators

Continental Radiators

Lanchaster Radiators

Talbot-Lago Radiators

Corbitt Radiators

Lancia Radiators

Tatra Radiators

Cord Radiators

LaSalle Radiators

Triumph Radiators

Crosley Radiators

Lexington Radiators

Turner Radiators

Cummins Radiators

Lincoln Radiators

TVR Radiators

Cunningham Radiators

Lincoln-Continental Radiators

Valiant Radiators

Dagmar Radiators

Locomobile Radiators

Vactor radiators

Daimler Radiators

Lotus Radiators

Velie Radiators

Darracq Radiators

Lozier Radiators

Voisin Radiators

DeDion Radiators

Marmon Radiators

Wills Ste Claire Radiators

De Soto Radiators

Maserati Radiators

Willys Radiators

De Tomaso Radiators

Maybach Radiators

Willys Whippet Radiators

Delage Radiators

Mcfarlan Radiators

Willys-Knight Radiators

Delahaye Radiators


White Radiators

Delaunay Belleville Radiators

Mercer Radiators

Woods Radiators

Doble Radiators

Mercury Radiators

Yellow Coach Radiators

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