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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for Our Radiator Santa Clara Service

Lifetime Warranty Q. "What type of warranty do you offer?"

A. Radiatorland prides itself in being one of the few online radiator shops to offer you an UNLIMITED lifetime warranty. That means your radiator is covered for life. Simply contact us, we'll process your warranty and get you back on the road the very next day.

Q. "Why does a warranty matter?"

A. If a company provides you with a limited warranty or no warranty at all, odds are the quality is poor and they fear they may have to replace every radiator that goes bad. In addition to being the ultimate in customer service, Radiatorland guarantees an UNLIMITED warranty with every radiator. This tells you a lot about the quality radiator you are about to receive.

Q. "How do I know if I need a new radiator?"

A. If you're having cooling or AC problems, have the system checked by someone who is qualified to diagnose the problem. You may not need to replace anything at this time. However, beware of quick-fix radiator welding and re-cores. They offer extremely temporary solutions to your problems, and are almost NEVER guaranteed past a few months. Our parts are guaranteed for LIFE.

Q. "What brand is this radiator?"

A. We stock several different major brands, all with Lifetime Warranties, and all built to OEM specifications for fit and quality. These brands include Modine, Visteon (Ford OEM), Valeo (Chrysler/Dodge OEM), Behr (Mercedes and BMW OEM) CSF, Go/Dan Industries (GDI), and Koyo (Honda/Acura OEM).

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